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Mind the Gap: Empowering Tomorrow's Workforce

One successful day!

The CODITE-NCR together with the PSITE, IT Industries, and other academic institutions have participated in the academe-industry program entitled, Mind the Gap: Empowering Tomorrow's Workforce. The event was organized by the Joblu.

The event aimed to address the challenges, issues, and opportunities between academe and industries. The event was very helpful to the goals of the different institutions especially in preparing our curriculum and our students before we send them to the real and actual area of the workforce.

For more information about Joblu:

Joblu Technologies Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based recruitment tech startup that is responsible for the rapidly growing new-age job app "JOBLU". Also, Joblu is a path-breaking recruitment platform, that allows job seekers to engage with employers directly, and provides employers with access to a global talent pool.

Visit their page as well for more info:



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