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The Council of Deans for Information Technology Education–NCR, Inc. was established on August 31, 2016 through the help and support of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).  After two years of completing documentary requirements as part of its establishment, it was then launched at the University of the East, Caloocan in October 2018 during the First CODITE–NCR Conference, which was attended by deans, program heads of universities, institutions, schools offering computing courses such as:  BS Computer Science, BS Information Technology, BS Information Systems, and BS Entertainment and Multimedia Computing. At present, CODITE–NCR, Inc. has 40 member schools. 


CODITE–NCR, Inc. aims to create a network of universities/colleges/institutes/schools that offer IT education to be able to share good practices, provide quality assurance, assist its members to attain accreditation status, closely coordinate with local and international accreditation bodies to promote a culture of excellence amongst its member institutions.

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